To the Shrimpers Trust


I trust that this finds you well?

Sadly fortunes at SUFC seem to be going from bad to worse….and there is clearly a growing level of discontent amongst supporters aimed at both manager and, as ever, the owner!

As you will have read on Twitter I have been communicating with Councillor Dan Nelson in trying to get a view from another perspective of how the future of SUFC will play out if (and when) we move across to Fossetts and the impact on the club, Southend Council and taxpayers.

It is clear from the subsequent ‘firestorm’ that there is a huge amount of misinformation about the proposed funding model, who will own what, any financial legacies etc etc both from the fans and indeed Councillors perspectives. The only common point accepted by all is that there is only going to be one ‘winner’ Ron Martin.

The whole Fossetts Farm/Roots Hall development continues to drag on and from my perspective has blinded R Martin from giving the club the correct level of focus in recent years (he would of course disagree). This has lead to the present position of the club on and off the pitch.   

With this growing level of discontent, the lack of information emanating from the new CEO or Owner isn’t it time now for a fans representative to sit down with both club and council and truly understand what the proposed funding model means and how it would impact on club, Council, tax payer and R Martin?

Of course SBC and R Martin can quite legitimately hide behind commercial confidentiality, as would be expected, but it is entirely possible to gain commitment to various reassurances that give stakeholders a greater clarity on life post- Fossetts (indeed if it should go ahead).

I am unsure what all of these reassurances/commitments are but am confident that the Trust and its members do and have the best interests of the fans and club at heart.

My angst is that things are going to get worse before they get better and one fear is that we witness the demise of SUFC before our very eyes at the hands of an inept Council and astute building developer. Do we truly need a new sparkly stadium and huge debt at this time?

I am also of the opinion that any forum that brings the main stakeholders to the table should be a formal occasion that is recorded, minuted and chaired independently.
I hope that this is received in the manner that it has been written, solely with the best interests of the club and fans at heart.

Time is now not on our side. 

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Regards – Peter