Issue 72 – Rob Kiernan reviews: WebFlicks

HI everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Rob and I am a 27-year-old footballer. When not playing football I enjoy WebFlicks and relax. I’ve been injured recently and my mum sent me a nice card to say Get Well Soon, it doesn’t seem to have worked very well but inside was a lovely message about how I used to work hard at school and my English teacher was always very impressed, My Dad is very proud of me but says that my career won’t last forever and I need to think of something to do afterwards.

So I thought, “Hey, why not combine what I like with what I might need to do one day in order to maintain the lifestyle associated with a lower league professional footballer?”. Now I’m writing about things I’ve been watching on WebFlicks and you’re reading it (hopefully lol!). Now without further ado, here are my first reviews:

Quaking a murderer

OK so this is a show about a bloke who is in Prison for murder somewhere in America (one of those random places in the middle) only he never did it. The show is about how the police faked (get it?!) all the evidence and trick the thick lad into grassing his mate up. They accuse him of force feeding someone porridge until they burst which seems weird but the jury go for it for some reason? It’s tense, just make sure you don’t look up wikipedia halfway through the series to find out he’s still in prison. 7/10

Mouse of Cards

In Mouse of Cards, there’s a mouse called Dennis and he’s really good at cards. Seriously good. He’s like the Lionel Messi of cards only better because Lionel Messi famously is shit at cards. Anyway Dennis the mouse basically plays a load of card games against everyone and always wins. Sometimes it looks like he might not win but he still always wins. You’d think everybody would get bored of the same outcome happening in a slightly different but still very deliberately clever and occasionally over-engineered way in every episode but everyone still loves it. Good if you like cribbage, I suppose. 4/10

Strangers’ Things

Random members of the public are stopped on the street in city centres across the country and forced to turn out their pockets according to an obscure by-law from 1783. Totally unpredictable television but can be a bit vindictive towards the homeless at times. 9/10

Orange is the new Snack

Jamie Oliver can’t get on TV much these days but WebFlicks will commission any old rubbish and here is the big-tongued Essex Boy up to his old tricks again trying to take sweets away from children and give them fresh fruit instead. What an absolute bastard. General vibe of the show is made watchable by seeing him get chased off by any parents who catch him accosting their kids. S1E3 is set in Stoke and is well worth a watch. 3/10 (10 in places)

Master of One

Documentary about people across the world and their struggles and triumphs with only one of a specific body part (eyes, arms, vertebrae etc.). Sad but ultimately very uplifting – in a quite literal sense for the bloke with a tiny spine. 8/10

Liam Ager – @realliamager

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